It is the application of chemicals in different concentrations, about it producing a controlled peeling and skin renewal; thereby improving the quality thereof, sweep impurities that take away your natural glow stimulate collagen growth and reduce lines and wrinkles of aging.
It is a recommended treatment for all skin types, especially photo-envejecidas, with facial wrinkles, manchas seniles, melasmas, acne scars and scarring.
Chemical Peels:
To make a Peeling or flaking of the skin, is possible to use, depending on how deep you want to get, different compounds.
Glycolic Acid: cause a superficial peeling, used to treat some types of surface stains, reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance and radiance of the skin. Is performed on the query itself.
Trichloroacetic acid (TCA):
Acts in deeper layers of the skin, allowing treat stains caused by accumulation of melanin in deep layers, and manages to soften fine lines. Is performed on the query itself.

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