Brighten our smiles and our kisses, sildenafil but les pay much attention. We remember them to decorate, healing but not to alleviate, symptoms then you push the lip cosmetic, large unknown.

The lips are, undoubtedly, one of the most representative symbols of feminine sensuality, and good health and health care can greatly change the look of a face. Beauty icons like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson o Esther Cañadas, not be as lofty without her full lips, lush and well defined, giving your face a touch of exotic beauty that is attractive.
The lip care should not be less important than the rest of the body, and yet we relegate this facial area often, in the false belief that attractive lips can only be the result of genetics or of aesthetic medicine, and no day care. Should try to change this idea, because they are very grateful to the application of cosmetics, and very upgradable with a little skill in makeup, it is easy to correct imperfections and create expressive and perfect lines.
Lips are delicate because the tissue lacks the protective cells form, so easily lose moisture, resecting and often cuarteándose. Also, have little melanin, which makes them very vulnerable to the sun, the same as the surrounding area. It is important to remember that the lips do not tan, but directly burn. It is essential to keep them in good condition to be attractive, because when they are dry, no lipstick can hide.

Basic Care
· Moisturize: is fundamental to not appear loose skins escamen and spoiling produce makeup and tightness.
· Exfoliar: to remove dead cells, is convenient wipe lightly with a toothbrush by its surface.
· Sin saliva: not pass the tongue over dry lips when notice. Although it is believed that it is a form of hydrate, precisely the opposite effect.
· Protect: the wind, sun, cold, heaters, dryness or irritate or snuff can crack them easily.
· No smoking: besides affecting health, contributes to the appearance of wrinkles on the contour, because the position adopted lips.
· Before painting: soak a cotton pad in hot water and keep the lips half a minute to soften dead skin. After, hydrate


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