Spring begins her search for a food alternative that helps us enjoy more summer approaches. It is likely that, if you do not have the appropriate professional support, we submit to Diets that do not provide for our needs nutritional, personal, emotional and even less, the daily rhythm of work and social activities. This can lead to confusion in food, where, if we lost some weight, then recover those extra kilos and perhaps some more.


Therefore it is important to highlight that a food choice without "restrictive diets", where food is more than a transport of nutrients and calories, may be the ideal choice for all seasons. The food is part of our daily lives, forming a language that we share with other.

Well known are the messages of the different forms of priming a mate, or the ritual itself deployed in a roast, where in the previous and next to the coals, more than cooked meat cuts. Food connects us, we define, we identified, on the property, history is printed on our senses, in our memory, and in our affections.

For all this we invite you to try these tips daily diet to fully enjoy spring:

  1. Change the forbidden food for moderation in the amount and serving of food.
  2. Change the monotony of the diet for the variety of colors and flavors.
  3. Change the blame for pleasure of enjoying a meal.
  4. Change the uncontrolled food for balance and harmony.
  5. Change some magic and clear information.
  6. Change the "good or bad foods" for good practices for a healthy lifestyle.

Looking good, feel good, comfortable with one's own body, must go hand in hand with the sense and enjoy what you eat. All foods can have a place at our table, making better food choices, appropriate to our health, based on proper nutrition information and knowledge of our body, according to the significance of the act of eating is of.


Anabel Avila

Lic. In Nutrition MP 2496

La Posada del Qenti

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