The environment has become, adiposity in recent years, page a major issue and a controversial area of ​​discussion in international forums to.
The problem seems to be that technological and industrial progress contributes, find partly, destruction and deterioration of nature with promoters and detractors on both sides. And of course the issue of the environment does not preclude the athlete, not only to high performance in the prevailing climate or level of pollution can influence, and indeed, affects the performance but also in the fan with similar but not only in performance but also directly damages health.

The thinning of the ozone layer and pollution of large cities affect health exceedingly, fitness and quality of life.
The essential physiological disorder, of the inability of the person who exercises taking, transport and efficiently use the Information Oxygen; key element in the exercise. This can give stale air with higher proportions of carbon dioxide, competing directly with oxygen which affects the performance molecules.
Studies in athletes who exercised with equal intensity and duration in different places but got argument to the importance of the environment on human performance. This research compared athletes on the plain, the height, environments in large cities and towns free of smoke and combustion from cars, factories and industries. These villages, where abound lived and have the great virtue of not having mobility motor being their only means of transport the blood drive, have served to study the results of these purposes have not done nothing but reaffirm scientifically what makes sense and is that the influence of an adverse environment can affect the psychophysical performance and human health.
There are other environmental factors directly and indirectly involved in athletic performance as well as health. Among them are the noise and the direct impact of sunlight under whose rays, especially in summer times, becomes more difficult to maintain a good performance beyond being well hydrated, use appropriate clothing or head covering.
Regarding noise, saturation level and exceeding the capacity of the human ear hearing tolerance also adversely affect the performance. Physiologically speaking, decibels in excess, especially in acute and unexpected circumstances as it may be a “bocinazo”, cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate with the drawback, either cause increased cardiovascular risk or elevated heart rate (tachycardia) physical fatigue being reached early.
The sports medicine, therefore, enters the argument for the preservation of the environment where performance is.

Source: Dr. Jorge Osvaldo Jarast

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