Does this sound familiar some of these symptoms: headache, tadalafil colitis, clinic gastritis, insomnia, back pain and even disruption of their menstrual period ? Perhaps you have experienced personally or someone close to you has experienced. The lifestyle in big cities has generated a variety of symptoms that in most cases, result from stress, thus affecting our emotional and physical health.

It is therefore essential to have techniques and strategies that allow us to have an effective and efficient response to various stressful events that we face.

In the first instance, know in advance that the stress is a physiological reaction that raises our adrenaline levels, with the specific objective to be alert to any events that we perceive as threatening. For example, imagine you had to get up at 6:00 a.m., fixed because it would require a board to 8:00 a.m. in the center and you live in the south of the city. When you open your eyes, notices that are 6:45 a.m. What? Your energy level increases, adrenaline starts to run through his body as physiological reaction, your muscles tighten and you hurry as you can to achieve your goal. But, What happens when you have all the time without stress the real situation so stressful is classified as present? Start living the call anticipatory stress that the only thing that will stop him is a decrease in the ability to live in the present and immense anxiety about events that may or may not be likely to occur in the future.


Thus, shoulders are always tense, the tendrá al sleep problems, will suffer back pain, menstrual cycle or period will be affected and your mood may tend to be more aggressive, plus it will lower its defenses, paving the way to diseases like flu, gastritis, colitis… .It is therefore essential to be aware of their perceptions and behaviors, and to determine, what are the agents that generate stress and specify which can be eliminated or what shall reactions and perceptions modificar.Cuando you can not remove the agent that generates stress, I suggest one tip to relax that will give you great benefits both physical and emotional medium and long term:

“Devote time to indulge, looking for a unique space where you can enter a state of relaxation that you can connect to your "I" interior, well reflect your current situation.”

Something that has shown results have been body rubs and reflexology, combinándolos with aromatherapy and musical therapy. Particularly those which have beds jade stone, combining the intensity of light, you apply essential oils and supplement with foot massage. The jade stone massage will allow you to reach an state "alpha", namely, just before falling in sleep, releasing cerotonina, which counteract the effects of the adrenaline in your body. In addition, jade stones with these beds, they provide infrared light, which will 7 inches under your skin, brindándole un effect of acupuncture that work with specific nerves that will send messages to the central nervous system. Similarly, will be exercising without the need to move, for session 35 minutes equals one hour of jogging. While enjoying the benefits of massage, your circulatory system is working at 100%, because with the heat issue jade stones, will make your veins and arteries will dilate, so blood flow and consequently the oxygenation.


Regarding Aromatherapy, it's main function is to work with the target organs such as: stomach, CNS, lungs… At the time you apply the oil, absorbed into skin 30 minutes and properties 1 time, the bloodstream will have these elements, sending them to the target organs for which it was designed essential oil. Same will be listening to music previously selected you to concentrate, relax, increase creativity and balance your energy flow, eliminating negative thoughts (anticipatory stress) and focus on the "here and now".

Last, It is essential have a balanced life, as well as a balanced diet, but especially, a strong commitment to yourself to your physical and emotional health.

Lic. Mariel Violet


La Posada del Qenti