Although many throughout history, cigarette smoking has functioned as a tool of seduction, that traps many young people and is seen as a symbol of sex appeal, the reality is that this "smoke of attraction" can be a dangerous strategy when two people looking for a healthy and satisfying intimacy.

According to studies by the World Health Organization, smoking them decreases excitability and delays orgasm, besides reducing vaginal lubrication; while males are affected by erectile capacity and quality of sperm.

Stated differently, after each puff of smoke, both men and women, are killing pleasure and ecstasy in their privacy, opening a direct path to sexual dysfunction and reproductive health problems.

According to Dr. Francisco Cabello, Director of the Andalusian Institute of Sexology and Psychology, according to data from a study conducted in 288 Males, more than one 43 percent of respondents had some sexual dysfunction snuff being the higher incidence factor.

In one of his articles on the Internet, the specialist guest on several Cuban Congress of Sexuality-warns that twenty cigarettes a day are sufficient to increase up to 60 percent the risk of erectile dysfunction.

As a result of this dose, in females excitability and reduced vaginal lubrication is difficult, besides delayed orgasm. In fact, the need to smoke after sex shows that there has been a poor satisfaction, as having had a healthy orgasmic response with subsequent release of endorphins, the person would not be looking for another source of relaxation with nicotine.

What's more, the effects of smoking go beyond sexual pleasure. It is proved that this addiction increases the risk of spontaneous abortion in up 28 percent, addition to doubling the possibility of ectopic pregnancy and decrease the weight of the infants.

Experts say that prolonged exposure in the prenatal stage can cause several changes in the conditions under which the fetus develops.

This addiction affects fetal growth manifested, result, the children of mothers who smoke weigh at birth averaged 250 grams less.

For a Smoke-Free Future

Recent research shows that men who had smoked more than half a pack of cigarettes for a decade, are at risk for sexual weakness, especially those over 40 years old.

Although snuff is not the direct cause of erectile dysfunction, does favor the appearance of vascular disorders by blocking the arteries, and inability of the penis to retain valves blood.

All this happens by nicotine, which increases the deposition of fats and microthrombi inside the arteries and veins, besides reducing its caliber, especially those that carry blood to the penis during erection.

Long term, Nicotine doses are also involved at the time of intercourse. After smoking two cigarettes, the pudendal artery diameter undergoes a temporary contraction, hindering the flow of blood to the corpus cavernosum, and thereby causes a decrease in erection time.

Cigarette smoke contains radioactive substances, as radon and polonium, infertility caused because sperm deform, affect mobility, make slow, and many of them die before reaching the fallopian tubes.

Unfortunately, Statistics indicate that only ten percent of those who have erectile dysfunction get professional help medical, since the vast majority hides your problem or resort to self-medication and home remedies to try to solve, which only worsen your condition.

Nicotine acts in the brain, a double feature: at low doses is an exciter and apparently stimulates us, but creates an addiction, so when taking high doses acts as an inhibitor or as sedative-like.

This effect allows, ostensibly, deal better with situations of fear, which leads smokers to consume more and more cigarettes under stress. Only every time you smoke a cigarette with nicotine (deadly poison) ingested almost 4 000 dangerous chemicals.

These include the butane, carbon monoxide, methanol, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, the ammonia and formaldehyde, a liquid that is used in hospitals to keep in good condition the body tissues.

The lungs are made up of tiny air sacs called alveoli, through them the oxygen into the blood. When smoking these structures are lost, with which the lung is losing its capacity and function.

Nicotine, to be toxic, promotes the production of free radicals in the body. This increases the risk of lung cancer and other degenerative diseases, in addition to accelerating the aging process.

Therefore, more than a habit, smoking becomes a very dangerous addiction. When least expected person loses control over consumption, and intake of the substance becomes compulsive.

However, although quitting decision means tackling overcome nicotine dependence, which involves physical implications, psychological and social ... the challenge is worth the sacrifice and difficulty.

Leaving snuff consumption will benefit not only your sexual performance, it will improve your overall health, breaking new ground to enjoy the privacy and healthy future reproduction


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