Body weight is often taken by ordinary people and even by some professionals, no rx as the only parameter of overweight and obesity as well as sometimes as the only parameter evolution slimming treatments.

Based on the definition of obesity is "an increase in the percentage of body fat, physician usually accompanied by weight gain (We can present with normal weight obesity) the magnitude and distribution of the individual health condition "is that we should concentrate our efforts in modifying the amount of fatty tissue and its distribution in the body that only concentrate our efforts on body weight.

It is well known that weight is a global parameter, which includes not only fat mass but also lean mass, the latter includes several compartments and cell mass (muscles and viscera), plasma proteins, extracellular fluid and skeleton

The increase in fat mass is what determines obesity (> 25% in men and >33% women) and the distribution thereof is determined by the risk that.

Body fat presents qualitative quantitative variations with age and by sex. Increases with age in both sexes, stabilizes around 20-25% in adult women and between 15-20% in adult male, preferably being located peripherally or femoroglutea in the case of females and central or thoraco-abdominal level in males. The distribution of adipose tissue genetic factors involved, nervous,

While the location is unique femoroglútea women, central or visceral fat is more common in men but women can make this similar to the delivery man to reach perimenopause. (It has been found that the older the visceral fat can be increased almost three times more men than women, with the arrival of her menopause this difference tends to disappear).

Also take the weight as the only parameter evolution slimming treatment often creates more confusion than benefit both the treating professional and the individual patient. The weight of a person can be highly variable from one day to another even within the same day and that not only appreciates the fat content of the body but also lean mass and intra and extracellular fluid which may vary especially the latter. Given that record the weight of an individual are recording all these variables is not uncommon situations such as increased amount of sodium in the diet that can generate water retention , lack of bowel movement , increased physical activity normally undertaken, intake of drugs such as anti-inflammatory that can cause fluid retention as occurs on days with high humidity, in premenstruo or those with circulatory disorders like varicose syndrome of the lower limbs. Ultimately are many situations that can cause significant variations present our weight more or less

When evaluating the effectiveness of a treatment for overweight or obese body weight must also be aware of other parameters we can indicate that we are doing things right. These body measurements taken directly with a measuring tape or subjectively by the patient noticing the loose clothing or belts that need bailing include. The improvement also noticed by the patient to perform physical activity with greater improvements in aerobic capacity or mood. Furthermore the normalization of biochemical parameters such as glucose, Lipid grama, and changes in blood pressure values. This is accomplished with a drop between 5 and 10 % weight and subsequent maintenance.

Do not leave it to balance the weight of the control of our weight loss treatment because although variations least help motivate us to keep going, great frustrations that make all our efforts falter when to get on the scale recorded an increase of it even if it is mild are generated. Not properly informed that these variations in our weight are often expected be used as excuses to abandon treatments and sometimes to incorporate purging behavior as laxatives and diuretics, very restrictive calorie diets or excessive physical activity that generate enormous imbalances in our metabolism, causing most of the time more harm than good.

Pull. Rosana Viscovig

Medical Nutrition Specialist

La Posada del Qenti


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