We live in a society where it is generally "bad eating", not much; which usually start in the gym just to leave soon and where stress is part of our routine. That is why six out of ten Argentines are overweight or obese, one in ten are diabetic and one of every three adults suffers from hypertension.

Of course these consequences, inter, They are the product of a number of reasons, mainly associated with bad habits: unbalanced and disordered eating, lack of physical activity, the indiscriminate use (and bit controlled in many cases) drug, improper handling stress, smoking and hundreds of "bad habits".

Fortunately, we become aware about the state of our health and we showed interested in improving. According to a study of "Concern Monitor 360" to the 73% Argentines are concerned about your diet, however more than half of the population is sedentary.

Say to become aware, only, it's not enough. We know we must improve our health but do not do enough. Maybe that's why any diet or "magic" solutions that ensure a healthy state achieve rage in the country. Diet sun, of the month, tablets, carbohydrate blocker powder and to an injection that helps with hunger and satiety; as recently it approved, You are all promises of assistance aimed at a large percentage of Argentines would require a solution to a difficult problem: YOUR HEALTH.

Many of these pseudo-solutions business can be an opportunist who often end up worsening health who trusted, In addition disappointing and discouraging real change of habits.

Responsible question to ask is Argentineans: What are the habits that led us to this reality and what we should change?

Lose weight by any method (including surgeries in some cases), without changing habits is not the solution for overweight or obese, since after achieving the expected result, If we do not transform the behaviors that led us initially to the disease state, again soon we will suffer the same conditions, again increasing focus on weight by partial or incomplete solutions.

To achieve an objective in real and concrete health, we must achieve a change of habits, this means stop doing things unfavorable to health and start doing beneficial things. Weight, control of diabetes and stress MUST be consequences of a new lifestyle and not a pill, injection or magic solution. If we change some of our habits and can thus feel and look better, in the context of a healthy body, All these results will be sustainable and own life, and no accessories or temporary.

Of course a change of habits involves more effort than simply taking a pill or pricked with a needle every day, so it is in everyone make the right decision for your life. In some cases the changes are not always possible, but in the vast majority it depends on our decision.

Also, with the support of a team of professionals and above all motivated, with enthusiasm and with a good attitude, achieve a healthy lifestyle is very encouraging and rewarding, discovering a new version of the person and using their full physical potential, mental and emotional.

Dr. Christian A. Leiva
MP 31.209
Medical Director
La Posada del Qenti