Nutrition – There fashions “gastro” causing a major health problem, more about alter our biological clocks and raise cholesterol and blood sugar. Why should we still prefer the traditional four meals a day.


Brunch, a neologism emerged from the union of breakfast (breakfast) and lunch (lunch), is a food made in the morning between breakfast and lunch.

And some restaurants and hotels serve brunch, especially on Sundays and holidays from 10 in the morning until the 4 afternoon. They are used, for example, “Meeting”, “to prolong exposures” and “for Sundays and holidays”.

Their main drawbacks? We do not count the amount we eat, because we are focused on some talk and talk while eating without seeing or chew food.

Besides mean a huge problem for our health, as increased cholesterol and blood fats, elevated blood glucose or blood sugar. This in turn influences the flow exaggerated insulin release from the pancreas, and the glands work in an improper way to the large inflow of calories at a time that should not have.

In our brain, with breakfast fills phosphorus and operates at full, during this time the exaggerated input hydrogenated fats and force him to give up his bloodstream to other organs intermediaries in digestion and not, for example, our muscles, plunging body on one thing: sleep. The NAP! But at what time? We would be upsetting all our circadian biological clocks and brain and throughout the body, which would disrupt our whole metabolism.

Not only is it questionable schedule, but also the foods chosen; for example: poached eggs, toasted or fried bread with fried bacon base, accompanied by sausages and drink a Bloody Mary! Also, and many people take it as a "snack" at mid-morning after breakfast ...!

This is another attempt by the food industry fast food… with hydrogenated, so we remain addicted, catching on something new and yet we believe it is still the same schedule changed and no matter our health at all.

And now, electrical burns…

After brunch, the cronuts, cupcakes and all fashions, some unpronounceable, alternately in and out of the table as false panaceas, attention, The brinner arrives! Halfway between dinner (dinner) and breakfast (breakfast), the latest trend “gastro” dinner consists of breakfast: “breakfast for dinner”.

From pancakes, pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, Huevos Rancheros, cereals, bacon, fruits, French bread, ¡quinoa! (of course), bacon, Toast, French toast, muffins, burritos, pizza, omelette… the combinations are endless and range from the most basic to the most sophisticated. So you can dine on delicious (and caloric) “brunch”… until 22:00 hours…

We think that the motives into fashion ingesting breakfast to dinner are of any kind, except health. For foods like bacon and sweet pastries are not the best choice either the morning or evening…

And if breakfast, as we have tired of repeating the most important meal of the day, does not seem to consume all that energy to go to sleep is the best option. The council still consume balanced meals and portions adjusted. Maintaining healthy and rewarding classic: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner.

Pull. Gabriela A. Tórtolo

Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

La Posada del Qenti.


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