Talking about food diet is healthy, varied, balanced, eat everything in moderation and control, accompanied by physical exercise and healthy lifestyle. Following a balanced diet is knowing how to select the food, organize menus, purchase and sometimes requires more time devoted.


This we all know but for some reason sometimes we "cheat" and seek a quick fix and that is when we fall into the so-called "miracle diets". Diets where you lose weight in the long term we can take its toll.

More and more people pressured by the need to be thin for social success, will point to the diet that is fashionable at the time (dietas Dukans, Pronocals…) It is the desperate attempt to lose weight at all costs regardless of the consequences it can have long-term (although in the short term are also given such) and as reported by the Spanish Association of Dietitians-Nutritionists. Few people want to hear the reality: restructure their eating habits and exercise more.

This is not a pleasant message, especially when neighboring, a family member or friend has been on a diet and lost weight miracle. But after a while they can suffer the consequences: lose weight at the expense of muscle mass and strength is lost. Are, and general, a very aberrant form of feed, is made only for a while and when you return to the previous habits weight is regained. Only keeps weight loss diet who also change their habits, namely, those with a need to make it an opportunity to bring about healthier lifestyles. Si no, to go back to eating as they did before the diet, weight is regained and even increases. Some of these people can initiate symptoms of a disorder of eating behavior, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder. This confirms what has long warn experts: "The gateway to a disorder of eating behavior is to follow a diet without medical supervision".

Would account more and make us feel better about ourselves, look for ways to feel more comfortable with the body you have and follow a few habits and lifestyles that can maintain over time. Especially when we live with children, it is important to convey about healthy lifestyles and satisfaction with ourselves. Show respect for bodily diversity, not disquieted by our physical and do at least one meal a day styles and family are healthy habits that contribute to the prevention of disordered eating behavior des family.


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