Physiotherapy has a very large field of body aesthetics as it is an important ally in the treatment of weight loss; maintenance of muscle tone as well as elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
The use of electrical stimulation to tone buttocks, visit this site abdomen, buy biceps, viagra approved Triceps, etc., by reducing massage; thermal bands with the seaweed creams, Therefore c / caffeine give excellent results in modeling localized.
The presoterapia, is the stimulation of the circulation of the lower limbs by compressing and decompressing sequential boots, combined with ultrasound and manual lymphatic drainage are essential for the elimination of toxins and retained fluid circulation deficiency or inactivity that are the starting point for cellulite, heaviness in the legs, várices.
All these treatments if performed in personalized way with an interdisciplinary team, organize regular physical activity, hypocaloric diet if overweight ensure optimal results and maintaining body modeling and physical and mental health.

Marcela Zobele