What do we mean by stress? Can be defined as the interaction of the demands or requirements to which it is subjected a person and their specific responses. A negative stress or distress arises when the demands or requirements of the psychosocial environment are intense, the prolonged excessive, exceeding the adaptive capacity of the individual. In these situations the person attempts to adapt any stimulus are inefficient and excessive and means a great effort.

Among the most common symptoms found: Anxiety, irritability, insomnia, mood disorders, decreased psychophysical performance, Appetite disturbance, sexual dysfunction, feeling tired from waking, lack of concentration and memory.


What can we do to address this situation? First it is important to know that we have internal and external resources to address them. Among the mechanisms we have:

  • body search. Start listening to my body as I feel that I am needing.
  • Knowing what is necessary to prioritize my activities within, view which I consider important to take care and recognize that I delegate.
  • Take advantage of every experience learning from my mistakes and my successes. This increases my self-esteem.
  • I realized my emotions and to express my limits from the body, I admit if I can get help.
  • Avoid comparing myself with others, everyone is different and has different times.
  • Being able to discriminate if I do things to meet others' expectations or their own.
  • Take care of my choices, It generates less stress as it arises from my own need and desire.

There are other external resources:

  • Relaxation
  • physical and recreational activities
  • Massage
  • Psychotherapy
  • creative leisure

It is possible in our daily lives to incorporate small changes that have to do with what we need to enjoy, clarifying our obligations to the pleasures.

All change involves a process and each process takes a different time in each. We can start by devoting a few minutes a day to record how we are. Change is not always easy, but we know that it is possible, and most importantly depends on oneself.

Lic. Gabriela Paez


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