A good breakfast to start the day with lots of energy!!!

There is a direct link between a good breakfast and your performance during the morning. One of the main advantages of a balanced breakfast is that you schedule regular meals, avoiding the "chopped" between meals. A balanced breakfast also means variety and lots of flavors. Breakfast is the only way to ensure your body gets all the nutrients from the early hours of the morning.


The ideal breakfast

The most important meal of the day should contain several food groups, thus do breakfast a source of energy and wellness you.

To have a full breakfast Visit:

  1. A dairy product, may be milk, yogurt or cheese.
  2. Cereals, key food that provides carbohydrates for energy and protein to maintain muscles and other organs. Comprehensive as preferred for its fiber to provide more vitamins and minerals, help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and provide greater satiety.
  3. Fruits, Fill your day with vitamins and antioxidants. Fruits also provide you fiber, essential for proper digestion.
Always keep in mind moderation and variety when it comes to preparing your food.

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