Breakfast is the main meal of the day, we should not overlook. Apart from ensuring that your body gets all the nutrients from the early hours of the morning, a balanced breakfast allows you to schedule regular meals, avoiding the "chopped" between meals.

When a person does not eat breakfast the brain, instead of dealing with their intellectual functions, spends all morning activating the emergency system for fuel and food. Skipping breakfast also influences weight loss and fasting generates energy savings, what causes the metabolism to slow down as the brain does not know how many hours will be fasting without food and we will, at the next meal "be saved" to have backup; and you know where you keep reserves? in adipose tissue!

The most important meal of the day should contain various food groups (fruit, low-fat dairy and whole grains), thus do breakfast a source of energy and wellness you.

To have a proper breakfast need:

  • A dairy product, may be milk, yogurt or cheese (skim to avoid excessive animal fats). For those who do not drink milk, dried fruits are a good option to increase protein intake (although these are of plant origin) and seeds.
  • Whole Grains (breads, bran, multigrain, the fiber flakes), key food that provides carbohydrates for energy and protein to maintain muscles and other organs. Remember that fiber has many health benefits, Provide more vitamins (Lives. Complex B), minerals and other nutrients than refined foods. They help reduce cholesterol levels and, therefore, the risk of heart disease. They are ideal for people with diabetes, since their intake does not produce high 'spikes' blood glucose and promote intestinal transit.
  • 1 Fruits, Fill your day with vitamins and antioxidants. Fruits also provide you fiber, are essential for proper digestion.

Lic. Del Boca, Maria Soledad – M.P 1998

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