Actually, relieve and refresh your skin, is a very simple step that can be done at home as long as there has been no major burns.

Usually when surprising the sun on your face, at the neckline, shoulders and neck immediately necessary to resort to any method that we Lighten the heated zone. Among the most effective methods, recommend apply several gauze pads, infusion impregnated camomile bien fría, which clears in a slow, but immediately cool the affected area. There are also rich in vegetables and herbs gels, as mauve, tilo, caléndula, hamamellis y Pepinos, the to be applied followed by the pads, párrafo prevent further inflammation and provide moisture to the skin punished. For most effective solution from the cabinet dermocosmiatría, the steps are similar but accompanies performing the manual lymphatic drainage, that helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the skin. Too often in the neckline to form an itch, is not improved in many hours, if so you should consult a doctor.

Sun bathe

Condition improved and subsequently, there will be a recovery facial in order to restore the stratum corneum, in which it will be applied Vitamin C, by the loss of elasticity, together with antioxidants such as Vitamin E, also highly effective moisturizing and among others, Silicon to restore and regenerate new tissues. It is important that the affected person to stay in a cool environment for several hours and not go to places heat, sauna,etc.. and of course suspend sun exposure.

Subsequent to these burns, are affected the system skin immune and present various changes that need to be addressed, eg, lentigos solar that are brown spots that appear in amarronadas shoulders, neck, dorsum of manos, face-neckline, they must be controlled, especially if obscure change texture. Other common injuries are solar spots pearly white arms that are located in, legs, neck and décolleté, all acquired by inadequate sun exposure.

Last, we must remember that it is necessary to inquire about the proper way to sunbathe, the excesses committed in long exposures, inadequate time, ignorance of cumulative sun damage and the need for protection. Thereby You can enjoy the benefits of the sun without skin at risk.

Naomi Heredia
La Posada del Qenti