Holiday season ...... prolonged sun exposure occurs dryness, aging, dehydration and peeling skin of face, body and scalp. The skin is, dehydrates, takes gray coloring due to lack of oxygenation, decreases the blood supply and lymphatic; accumulating metabolic waste and toxins holders, resulting loss of elasticity, luminosidad.Todos moisture and skin types require hydration. For the right choice of a hydrating skin is necessary to know the depth and classify with professional judgment. What varies is the product used and the frequency of application.

Then… some tips:

  1. Drink water and other fluids daily, least 2 liters.
  2. Showering with warm or cold water is healthier, as the very hot temperature removes a thin layer of lipids, confieren that natural protection.
  3. Is preferable to use moisturizing soaps, avoiding them in the face.
  4. After the bath place moisturizers and emollients, as the moisture of the skin increases the absorption and distribution of products.
  5. Maintain a balanced diet based on fruits, vegetables and fiber.
  6. Before going to bed, cleanse the skin and put a good moisturizer based on hyaluronic acid, DMAE, alfahidroxiácidos, aloe vera etc.
  7. The use of sunscreens It is mandatory to go outside.
  8. Climatic factors such as wind and cold; chemicals such as soaps and detergents, the process of natural aging and excessive sun dry the skin.
  9. Avoid alcohol and snuff.
  10. Relájese, stress is the number one enemy for skin.

Products must be prescribed by a dermatologist because they are individual and personal, depending on skin type. Do not expect to treat wrinkles and remember that water is a real tonic for the skin and overall health. Do not wait to feel thirsty to drink. The results will soon be visible.

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