Every time we pay more attention to what we eat and there are many trends pointing to a healthier diet, including the consumption of organic food. Now, the full range of options, a new proposal adds, the clean eating. But what it is?

According to nutritionists, this new plan does not propose radically new strategies, but its central idea is sideline pass dishes and pre-cooked and processed to return to the consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as whole foods, and use more home cooking.


The clean eating proposes that the body be fed long term with substances of high nutritional value and with no little useful or empty calories. Although its main focus is not put on the weight drop, proposed guidelines end up being the person reduce the number of kilos and organized from meal times to market shopping.

It is that this new trend includes those promoted “5 portions” Fresh vegetables and fruit per day, daily intake of low-fat dairy products and processed foods based on whole grains , Eating less sugar and salt and plenty of fluids.

On the other hand, He proposes to make between 5 and 6 meals a day to keep metabolism to 100%. The recommendation is 3 heavy meals and 2 collations that should not have spaces over 4 hours, educating in the register of real hunger and satiety that appears after enjoying a quiet and pleasant food.

As this proposal is rich in fiber and whole grains, It generates a faster satiety, something that leads to lose weight without counting calories. Turn, to avoid sugars and fats contained in processed foods and precooked, the number of calories ingested is also lower.

-The first step to start the clean eating or "well known cleaning power" is to change all cupboards, because it can not be in it any processed food, eg, noodles, canned, sachet sauces, instant mashed, soups on, cookies etc..

– The second step is to set aside some products such as sugar and white flour and compensate with vegetables, fruits and breads.

-On the other hand, recommends getting away from saturated fats, usually of animal origin and replace them with other healthier fats found in olive oil, chia, walnuts, peanuts, almonds and avocado.

The proponents of this trend highlights the importance of starting the day with breakfast clean, which may include rolled oats, yogurt descremado, almond milk, muesli, vintage fruit salad, banana, honey, mascabo sugar, breads with seeds or bran, something radically different from the classic continental breakfast.

Lic. Sandra Villarreal

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