Are practical, viagra order Popular, and they abound in marks and tastes of all kinds. Keys to meet your true nutritional composition, when it is advisable to use, and which is best for the health of children
Cereal bars came back as an option easy to carry and as a source of calories for diabetic patients and athletes. Currently its chemical composition varies between the different options available in the market.

Generally contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, and to a greater or lesser extent, fibers. Within carbohydrates, are sometimes decreases with the aggregate amount of artificial sweeteners.
The type of fat you have, not always present in a high percentage, are not saturated (Animal). But hydrogenated oils (fatty acids or "trans"), also promote the formation of cholesterol in the body.
Pros and cons
Properties as "good", could be said that only some have a small percentage of fibers, not normally consumed by children and adolescents in the proportion that should be within an appropriate diet plan. Anyway, the amount and type of fiber should come from natural food.
Consumption may be considered in certain circumstances where it is necessary to take into account the fractionation of the diet to avoid long periods of fasting, due to its practical use and procurement.
Both in adults and in children, is important that their consumption is considered within the caloric value appropriate to the age and condition of the individual. An excess intake (taking into account the above about the total calories as fat and possessing) may not be suitable.
In the case of children, bars should not replace a meal: not have a caloric value, vitamin and mineral that can equate to a full meal.
Are "good" if they are part of a balanced diet, rich in natural products, with adequate energy intake with age and activity of those who consume. Are "bad" if, to increase their consumption, is associated with increased calorie and fat shoddy, preventing the intake of fresh, nutritious food.
In schools could integrate the bars or kiosks, they are still an alternative somewhat more "healthy" compared to a packet of chips or sticks, which fat and sodium content is inappropriate.
Could be considered especially those with chocolate and a large amount of sugar, like candy by the calorific value and the type of fats that have, but in general are included in the group of snacks: small portions you eat between meals, although in some cases , a little more "nutritious". To be more "desirable", those should be chosen with little sugar, fats and sodium.
The right diet for children is one that allows them to grow properly. This is accomplished through a variety of foods to which vitamins can be covered, minerals and the caloric value recommended for each age.
The indication is a natural food consumption, vegetables, meat, milk and fruit. Avoid saturated fats and fats "trans" that lead to the formation of cholesterol in the body. It is also damaging over-consumption of salt, sugar and sweeteners. It is very important to physical activity.

Source: Lic. Carolina Placentino
Department of Dietetics and Food
Hospital and Clinics “José de San Martín”

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