Processed foods, order unlike natural, are those who have been subjected to different manufacturing processes and production, to remain in good condition, even after a while of being produced.

The modern industrialized food style, generates largely, the basis of a systematic disorder negatively alters our metabolic function and the whole body in general. Industrial processing substantially affect the main food, depriving them of essential nutrients and also adds undesirable substances, fibers being one of the main victims refining industrial processes.

In 1900 causes of death in the U.S.. were in order of importance: Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, diarrheal diseases, heart, liver, cancer, bronchitis, and diphtheria. 100 years later, with the introduction of processed foods with sugars, sweeteners, sales, preservatives, antibiotics, dyes and a range of chemicals; in some cases addictive; joined fast food proliferation, altered by other factors the order of importance of the causes of death. Today the order is: Heart Disease, cancer, lung diseases, accidents, diabetes, suicides, renal and hepatic. These diseases have, in many cases, a common denominator, poor diet and sedentary.

The food industry is today a powerful corporation. It has greatly increased food production rápitas, such as burgers, pizzas, canned, and precooked, sold in supermarkets. We meats from animals raised in feedlots with antibiotics and excessive harmful. Carbonated beverages and chemicals that affect metabolic function. Huge amount of food with refined sugars.

This U.S. industry produces more than twice the calories that their citizens need, of course fail to develop strategies MKT market costosísimas and often misleading. Achieving in some cases, confuse the population, as was done with cigarettes. Many of the capital who exploited the snuff, now migrated to the food industry, privileging the economic business accounting, against the health of people or at least without control due.

Canned food: in order to preserve their flavor and texture, almost all canned foods containing high concentrations of salt as a preservative, making them not recommended options, especially hypertensive leg. The same in the case of processed vegetables such as mashed vegetables or creams on.

Canned Fruits: All these industrial versions contain preservatives based on the salt and sugar. In the case of canned fruits, have added sugar or glucose syrup, transforming a real fruit syrup low in fiber and nutrient. The glazed (candied fruits) syrups that have become much sweeter than they really are. These foods are very harmful for diabetics.

Bread. Our country consumes more bread bakery, that the packaging (molds). However, we must know that working with flour premixes containing high concentrations of preservatives, salt and emulsifiers, so it is advisable to limit the consumption of bread, preferring always comprehensive and homemade versions.

Dressings and snacks: very common in modern gondolas. The mayonnaise and similar products contain many additives. The ketchup does not replace the tomato sauce, in fact it is a version that contains, salt, and preservative additives and little nutritional value. The snack (French fries, pretzels, etc.) generate a lot of sodium and addictive behavior.

A very common way of preserving food is subjected to a high freezing, however, some bacteria survive in frozen foods for a few months even. Fruits and juices retain some vitamin C during freezing, but vegetables lose it.

In talks that offer our guests at La Posada del Qenti incorporate new lifestyle and consumption including priority natural product Station, to encourage healthier eating. Our metabolic function work more efficiently, revitalize our immune system, and avoid the risk of many diseases.


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