Change your lifestyle to a diet rich in vegetable origin products can have beneficial effects for health. You can actually work for the average population, but people who notice more benefits in your body are those who have had a typical diet of modern society (high fat animals, sugars, salts and additives).


The problem is why today people are changing their diet for a strict vegan diet. If you were thinking about becoming vegan for the following reasons, Think about it very well because they do not get the desired effect:

first Myth: "A vegan diet assures me have a life free of disease"

Becoming vegan is not synonymous with good health. Like anyone else, a vegan who is not properly oriented and wrong choices can have combinations in your daily diet.

Also, we have to consider that health is not solely dependent on food. Factors such as genetics may play us a little crooked and its effect may be stronger than our immune system. On the other hand some external agents to our body (pollution, epidemics, injury, etc.) may affect short or long term our health.

myth: "If I make a vegan diet, I will manage to have the body you've always wanted "

as mentioned, incorporate a vegan diet without supervision can cause the opposite effect: WEIGHT GAIN. Feeding habits acquire correct as in any other type of diet, It is ideal to achieve a goal of proper body composition and healthy weight.

It is not easy to get vegan products and know that there are also a lot of junk food for this sector in the market; therefore planning your day, like any other lifestyle, it becomes a priority.

third myth: "The crudi-vegan diet is the healthiest and give me all the energy I need because it is rich in nutrients"

Diets based on raw foods is listed as one of the most restrictive diets, so they have the disadvantage of not providing the recommended amount of nutrients to meet the daily needs. In this type of diet it is very difficult to get an adequate intake of protein and calcium, so the bone and dental health can be compromised.

The ideal is to adopt healthy habits in any eating pattern that is your preference to achieve your goals Body Composition, weight and health. It is important not make us false illusions, especially when following a vegan diet because you can feel disappointed and think that this lifestyle does not work.

On the other hand, if even after reading this article you are convinced that acquiring a vegan lifestyle because your philosophy of life is that and have the will to do everything necessary to stay healthy, I can tell you that a vegan diet balanced, well planned and targeted, It can give you much satisfaction and achieve full and full life energy.


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