November 2014, page of 5 to the 7. Opening ceremony attended by the governor of tamaulipas, viagra ing. Egidio Torre Cantú, Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism tamaulipas, Mónica González García, government officials in Reynosa, representatives of the various regional clusters and foreign exhibitors and facilitators.

Argentina was diamond sponsor with the most important stand of the sample. He caught the attention of foreign buyers quality and professionalism of medical institutions of our country. Some of these experts and buyers were invited to Buenos Aires in September last, who shared their positive experience.

There is growing interest in the referral, both preventive and outpatient treatments and surgical practices.

Graciela Esposito, representative of international trade in La Posada del Qenti, He made the presentation which opened the first day of the summit: "Argentine offering medical tourism, working model articulated between public and private ", where he raised the advantages of Argentina for his career and quality in medical programs and the benefits of its landscapes for perfect equation in medical tourism.

The excellent climate and continuous meetings can envision the possibility of significant foreign experts visit our country in order to promote this form of tourism, which globally shows the strongest growth as the World Tourism Organization.