Maybe you. SEPA sospecha the suffering migraine. May even at some point you have looked for it and you have been prescribed treatment.

However, story it is possible that the concerns of daily life or the emergence of other conditions have made to neglect this problem and now things have returned to complicated. This is a sign that we must attend to the doctor again.

For ease of reference

A central element in its consultation with the specialist or your family doctor is questioning, malady which will allow the professional to gather the necessary information to the necessary adjustments in their treatment.

Some of the key points that will investigate the doctor most likely are the following:

Symptoms that occur during migraine

Causes identified as migraine triggers

Changes in the frequency or intensity of migraine, what is ed since last medical consultation

Degree of impairment that causes the crisis (labor, students, etc.)

Obtained relief levels at 2 hours of ingesting the medication

Utility medication to alleviate symptoms that often accompany migraine (sickness, sensitivity to noise or light)

Ability to resume, within a period of 2 hours, common tasks, after the onset of a migraine.

The "diary" of migraine

In most cases, physicians attending patients with migraine will ask the patient to keep a record of each headache episode, presentation mode, duration and degree of relief obtained with medication.

If you never used started today, and if he had forgotten to remove the drawer and start now complete, even with the above data, if someone remembers or does it for you.

Time meantime inquiry remember that in migraine, and other painful conditions, the continuous episodic, medication needs to be used properly and timely. Note that you pass the time in the hope that the headache and nausea can spontaneously resolve crises last longer, and medication, finally it takes destiempo, not yield the expected results.

Do not neglect these aspects of treatment; if despite taking every precaution problems continue, this information will also help the doctor to better assess new analgesic strategy.

Dr. Hugo Diaz


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