The triad of T.C.A. (Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity), fully installed eating behaviors in modern society. Directly related to our emotional conflicts and mental.


How emotional and mental conflicts are installed in the body.

The mind and body are intimately related, alternative medicine, the ancient traditional, even the Orthodox, They link everything from a point of view psycho-neuro-endocrine-Inmuno, but not the close relationship Mind-Body, what really matters, but the mechanisms by which conflicts are installed in the body and make you sick.

We should try to find where is the conflict in the mind of the person and his emotional field, solving for the disease ceases to exist spontaneously lose their biological sense, (it always has). So you can consider the human being as a biological computer, using 5 senses (vista, touch, smell, hearing and taste) to function in our reality and interact with it. Collecting electrochemical and electromagnetic signals, to the brain and there an interpretation of the situation around us it is made.

For this we use:

  1. A physical body, the material (bones, muscles, viscera, endocrine glands, central and peripheral nervous system, circulatory system, ligaments, locks, etc..
  2. An energy body, is a network of circuits called in different ways in different cultures and beliefs, it would be the energy that gives vitality to the physical counterpart, also encouraging and shaping it. Giving an outline the physical body.
  3. An emotional body, but subtle, less dense, and it extends far beyond the energy body, but plays other bodies managing emotional energy.
  4. A mental body, even more subtle, playing other bodies, managing mental energy, ideas, thinking, beliefs.
  5. A spiritual body, conglomerate of other bodies, infinity, engulfing other known bodies like aura.
  6. Energy centers, all these different bodies intercommunicate with each other, through these energy centers, producing everything necessary for the proper functioning of the different cells.
  7. Substances such as semiconductors and conductors, so that the whole body is real-time informed of everything that happens anywhere in the same, adapting and evolving in the biological sense.

Thus we conclude that all that really what we call disease, It is a solution that takes the physical body to something that happens in our unconscious. So before resorting to therapeutic measures we should ask because my body has taken that resolution. Perhaps then we arrive to the origin of what happens to us and put a solution. So if we can make changes at the unconscious level so that, what it was once a conflict for us and what is not, the disease (biological solution), makes no sense and would disappear only.

Always and in all cases we must seek the support of a multi and interdisciplinary team to meet the metabolic changes, our body leading to sick. Trying our metabolism as a whole. Uniting all the bodies together.

Only then we would achieve that our bodies joined together, achieve other solution than a disease.

Pull. Gabriela A. Tortolo – MP. 24052

Medical Clinic – Specialist Obesity and SdrE. Metabolic

La Posada del Qenti

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