We have a winner among all those who found the hummingbird and filled out the form on our website!

This time the lucky one was Guadalupe Ensinck, ambulance who was the recipient of 2 days 2 nights for two at La Posada, Under the Next Description :

  • Gatronomía : Breakfast.
  • Recreation and Sports: Gym equipped with the latest technology, tennis court, volley, heated pool and jacuzzi, aqua , relaxing gymnastics, tango and salsa classes, walks, trekking, divideoteca.
  • Health Workshops: medical lectures, physical activity, Anxiety, Nutrition, etc..
  • Evening recreational activities: Tango and salsa classes, taller musicals, movie night, game night, surprise night and recreation, which vary for each day of the week.
  • Hydrotherapy: 1 session per person.

The validity of the same is 180 days from the date.

Guadalupe, to enforce your prize, contactate to laposada@qenti.com.ar or Call 03541 495715, I hope!


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