Through tears and songs the people our people fired Monday from his beloved Mercedes Sosa. His remains were transferred from Congress, where was veiled, to a cemetery in the capital where, fue finally cremated, fulfilling their desire.

For many of the relatives and admirers, pilgrimage to the cemetery began in the morning in the Hall of Lost Steps of Congress, where the body of the singer was.

Men and women of all ages out of the room crying, where the musician played guitar Argentino Luna, after approaching the coffin to bid farewell to the singer.

With samba chords Atahualpa Yupanqui and Pablo del Cerro, “Tucumana Moon”, “Thanks to life” Violeta Parra, “Only pa’ bailarla”, “Balderrama”, “Zamba not to die” and “Si llega a ser tucumana”, a time of excitement culminating with applause by those present lived.

From Group Qenti, we honor who was one of the most representative icons of the Argentine people and remember with these images that gave us, in one of his many visits, back in February of this year 1997, when setting up the legendary festival Atahualpa Yupanqui Cosquín, with partner, in case if it was revolution, Mr. Charly García.

Forever "Black" ...

La "Negra" en La Posada del Qenti

La "Negra" The Inn on the Qenti

Mercedes Sosa, uno de nuestros mejores recuerdos...

Mercedes Sosa, one of our best memories ...

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