In recent years women have made fundamental changes in their role as societal gender. Now, sildenafil Does that mean I have won? The dangers of fulfilling multiple roles for health.

"There are many disquisitions we might consider as we consider how to" win "or" lose ", but there is no doubt that today's woman is inserted differently in society "is questioned Alicia Ciapponi, Cardiologist at La Posada del Qenti Medical Spa & Resort .

If anything is no doubt that the woman began to "snap" to be present in different areas such as professional, managers, political, business, research, cultural, etc.. Demonstrated its ability not only intellectually, but provided the sensitivity, practicality and organizational capacity that characterized as gender.

This multiplicity of roles and wear this generates, brings distress, exhaustion and lack of personal care as to the health, coupled with unhealthy habits such as smoking, little rest, poor diet and low physical activity.

"Cardiovascular disease, is the leading cause of death worldwide. Statistics show that the number of women with events and complications of this etiology, are increasingly frequent and younger ages "indicates.

While most people have the main cause of death in women with breast cancer and uterine, statistics show that only the 6%. However reaches cardiovascular pathology 60% especially in perimenopause.

Risk factors

"We know that the base of the marker of vascular disease and its development, risk factors are. Of these we highlight: Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, smoking, inactivity and stress "points.

In most cases the genetic basis is present, but in a low percentage. The real "modulators" are lifestyle.

"Obesity starts to appear as a real" pandemic "because of the poor quality and quantity of food, the percentage of hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and physical inactivity also secondary to the metabolic disorder, begin to increase. Is enhanced with the sedentary (less free time, technology, computerized society, etc.) and mainly with the stress, "says.

The danger of distress is the loss of balance between our defenses and assaults. "It's less now considered within the scientistic interpretation. However I believe that is one of the leading causes in today's society, to initiate this cascade of negative health factors, considering how "systematic" and comprehensive is our body. The trigger psycho-neuro-endocrine alterations that would result in the occurrence of one or more dysfunctions and pathologies "emphasizes.

The effective and efficient strategy to lower these statistics is to control risk factors and achieve healthy habits yet, need to start considering that the methods used are not correct and that the current health benefits costs as demonstrated.

Ultimately, women, in your opinion, have begun to change. "We walk. There are many things still (discrimination, postponement, violence, etc.). This change also men have an important place. Both should be arranged in a plane of equality in which "shared responsibilities" and the task is similar to duties and opportunities, without competition, "concludes.


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