Under the First Federal Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, this conducted between 24 and 25 last July, drugs Sheraton Hotel in the city of Córdoba, La Posada del Qenti Medical Spa Physicians presented its program Drifter, with the aim of strengthening relations with the sector actors Health.

The same is intended to, achieve put at the service of health professionals and Estheticians, programs pre and post surgical, as well as, nutrition programs, rehabilitation among others, as complementary treatments, to meet the different needs of their patients, in a comprehensive and serious way.

La Posada participation in this conference was not fortuitous, if not that it was driven by a strategic partnership with the laboratory LINFAR, who shared the stand, and the reputation of its organizer; Dr. Raul Pinto, Argentina president of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

For more information on this new program, call to laposada@qenti.com o al 03541 495715.

Dr. Raul Pinto, SOARME president and Dr. Christian Leiva, Director of La Posada del Qenti Medical Center Medical Spa.

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