No doubt the Internet has been one of the most important technological advances of recent years. Not only facilitates communication if not access to different sources, cure that allow updates, research, studies and to carry out procedures or purchases.
Like any tool, the problem is knowing use and particularly on this issue is to find the limits.
One consequence of uncontrolled use of internet, is the "addiction" to remain subject to long hours he. In children and adolescents especially, has led to an increase in sedentary, a major cause of epidemic obesity in the present.
Not only in the amount of time, if not what kind of games or unchecked information exposed, issue that both parents and the state should regulate.
The key risk of access to private information and breach of, is also another issue to consider.
We have placed a disproportionate emphasis on the Internet, While the privilege sometimes to human contact.

Ignorance, go easy and addictive behavior in this environment often does not allow discrimination of the quality and reliability of sources, sometimes leading to confusion, confusion and "misinformation".
If this was moved to the issue of health and medicine, is much more serious since the cost of this "misinformation" will be greater.
We should ask what is happening with our health system, for patients to trust anonymous people poorly suited, this sensitive issue that is their own health.

In recent times in medical consultations, increasingly coming and having someone come to check your internet problem; most with a great deal of anxiety because confusion, suggestion and misunderstandings cause "dangerous answers" self-medication even without any medical supervisación.

Without forgetting the "advice, methods or techniques "frivolous or unscrupulous can lead to more serious consequences. Keep in mind, anyone can post these newsletters

It is advisable to limit this type of information, when the source is not of a professional or institution that has a back of seriousness. No easy solutions or quick search by this means and see your professional confidence with which you should remove all doubt.

Pull. Alicia Ciapponi
Medical Center Director
the Inn of Qenti and Medical Qenti

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