What is the Elongation? - It is the action of returning to the original muscle length is changed after a contraction effect of physical activity (movement). Closely related to muscle elasticity, which is the ability of a body to recover its original shape or position after the external force ceases the deformed. This quality is attributed to the muscles and to a much lesser extent to the tendons. Depends on the ability of the muscle tissue to stretch, then recovering his habitual length. Or even overcome.

Elongation trains coordination and muscle synergism, and stimulate nerve pathways that give us greater control of muscle groups. Incorporates, the muscular chains, those injured muscles that have been unemployed for a period of time, or those who have been working analytically and isolated.

It is important to know the body's response to stretching, what stimulate stretch when and what benefits are obtained, to fully integrate this action in physical activity programs. The best way, and general, to acquire good habits is that you understand why exercises, what will get performing them and the best way to run.

Before physical activity, whatever it, elongation or stretching should be as active as possible, for muscle contraction itself produces vasodilation and help the heating.

Conversely, the end of it, stretching exercises should be more passive as possible, not further deplete the muscle. The best way to perform these stretches will be for couples, being who is stretching the leader, at all times, exercise intensity. For this, should stretch to the limit, endure a few seconds and try to earn some more travel, then out of the pose gently.

As methodology, is recommended to follow an order in exercise: for example, start stretching from the bottom up. The bids are to be maintained during 6-10 seconds when the stretches are active, not exhaust the muscle, and for more than 10 seconds when the stretches are passive.

Basic application keys elongation:

  1. The speed should be slow stretch.
  2. Hydration is very important.
  3. Stretching should be included in the warm-up or warm-.
  4. Should get progressively stretch, maintaining a given time and progressively finalizes.
  5. The stretching activity session can last post 15 a 60 minutes.
  6. To keep the stretching regularly achieved must.

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