When we perform exercise increased our caloric expenditure. The first minutes, purchase depending on whether the person is more or less trained, viagra approved the body first uses the glucose that is circulating in the blood, information pills then deposited glycogen and then fat as a fuel source, only that "a specific body location", generally more localized fat areas where there is a slower decrease as this is where there is greater localization and more fat to lose. In some parts of the body fat loss is more visible, it does not imply you missed higher proportion of fat.

It is also important to note that not perform a specific exercise like crunches or leg extensions abdomen or buttocks is reduced, the body does not understand time zones localized fat loss. When caloric intake increase aerobic and multi-joint exercises that will give the best result and thus will favor the loss of body fat. Note that perspiration is fluid leaking and it is not true that a person loses more perspire more fat.

Regarding cosmetic treatments, if these creams and massages help reduce localized fat, when it acts on a particular area, provided that it is accompanied by a healthy diet, control food portions and exercise, otherwise reduce the inches that become quickly recover because the fat cell size increases again but eating habits are changed and added exercise. Cosmetic surgery can change the adipose tissue located, but not eliminate the visceral fat which is unhealthy; because it has been associated with Diabetes, HTA, Dyslipidemia and consequently heart problems; if the fat removed is located beneath the skin, adipose tissue that has a protective function, and that too for more than eliminate these cells, overeating and sedentary lifestyle cause cells that remained after surgery to increase in size and re-locate the fat in that area.

In short, beauty treatments, surgeries and creams are effective but ... there is no magic, must also change and incorporate healthy habits, grasita accumulated that bother us that much, must be eliminated, not of the overnight, if not a little with a balanced diet, healthy, without bans but avoiding excesses and incorporating exercise.

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