Winter is the time of year to stay home seems to be the option we like. We want to give pause to life and watch movies all day with the heater off, and sipping hot chocolate and sleeping when we cause. Regrettably, approved our routine does not allow us to give in to laziness and we have to move forward. If you feel you lack energy during cold days (or hot), if you wake up more tired than you were when you slept morning, if you stop thinking in your bed all day, I leave a few tips to increase your energy level gradually.

Get enough sleep. It is imperative that sleep of 6 a 8 hours daily for energized despertarte. If possible, establishes a schedule and try to always respect bedtime; this will make your body adjusts more easily.

Come bien. Be sure to include foods from all the food groups in your diet: fruits and vegetables are the primary food, but do not forget protein, carbohydrates and fats, because your body also needs to function well. Try not to eat much sugar or processed foods.

Do not skip breakfast. It is essential that you take a good breakfast, Healthy and balanced to feel energized. The breakfast will give you the calories you need for the day and you will avoid being hungry all the time.

Drink water. It is important to stay hydrated. While energy drinks and sodas can be very tempting, water is the only liquid that will completely satisfy your thirst. Try to take about 8 glasses a day and see how you feel much better.

Estírate. The muscles need a break sometimes. Stretch your arms, legs, neck and back just you rise. If you spend many hours sitting in an office every so often it should be done. This will help prevent contractures caused by stress.

Listen to music. Music is the quintessential motivator; is enough to listen to a song so you get animated like jumping and dancing immediately.

¡Actívate! If you do not do any sport, Like there are ways that you include exercise in your daily routine: use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to work instead of driving, arise for a spin from time to time in the office, out walking your dog. There are thousands of ways to be more active, you just have to consciously include them in your day to day and gradually adapt naturally to your routine.

The best way is to keep energized healthy lifestyle and stress free. Keeping a positive attitude is the most important step you have to take to feel better, namely, if your mind thinks positive…Soon your body will also begin to act positively!


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