Argentina has earned an international reputation as a holiday destination healthy. An increasing number of tourists are seeking medical treatment while on holiday in Argentina, Especially patients U.S., Canada, Europe and neighboring Latin American countries, medical programs are efectivizando, with a substantial cost savings.

Medical Institutions, and professionals in Argentina are very well recognized worldwide. Medical conferences and symposia are held frequently in Argentina.

With the techniques and advanced technology, affordable, Argentina is rapidly gaining ground in the field of medical tourism.

Surgeries and treatments High Complexity, Plastic surgery, Dental Implants, Programs that provide Health Complexes for weight loss, antismoking, antidistress, biological rejuvenation, They are the most requested.

Our country offers places of extreme natural beauty, Saws, Mountain Lakes, Rivers, Niagara, beaches, forests, various National Parks, rich culture, exquisite cuisine, art , sports, and music, attracts foreigners from all over the world.

Surveys done by the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), indicate that more than 80% This type of tourist , have more longer stay ,they are accompanied by their families or other companies which incidentally means the professional work of different practices in Medical Institutions , encourage hospitality , gastronomy, recreation, local shopping etc., implying a higher average consumption of more than thirty upper times, for a traditional tourist, as are medical practices to make.

Colombia, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Mexico, Jamaica are some of the countries that are actively developing this market

Argentina through the Chamber of Medical Tourism (CIAPSA), Foundation and Export IMPROTUR, is working hard at TM from the 2009 designing strategies , to attract this important market outside of it, with very positive balances and steadily growing.

On the occasion of the 5th World Congress of TM in Ft Lauderdale U.S.. in late October this year, organization for the MTA, Eng. Miguel Cane CEO of La Posada del Qenti and representing CIAPSA, met with the Consul General of Argentina, in Miami, Ambassador Miguel Talento, to coordinate participation in this important event CIAPSA.

Ing. Miguel Cané y  Embajador Miguel Talento


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