The lack of healthy habits has transformed the planet into a dwelling place increasingly Obesity. A world full of people, 7.432.663.000 to be exact, It is not only growing in terms of quantity (6% in the last 5 years old), but also on the size of each person. From 1980 until today obesity and overweight doubled.

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Today the 40% of the adult population are overweight and 13% They are obese. There are more people in the world, and more obese. The problem is the consequences of this pandemic on the health of each: CVD, diabetes and cancer, inter. What's worse is that today there are more than 42.000.000 Children under 5 years overweight (equivalent to the total population of Argentina) and first in history, babies born today have less life expectancy than their parents.

What everyone should know we are that this trend can change from what everyone does, generating good habits and educating the kids by example. Medical centers welfare, La Posada del Qenti in Cordoba, receive every week to people eager to reach their ideal weight and avoid serious diseases associated with obesity. A clear tendency to enjoy more of life has made these institutions a source of hope.

La Posada del Qenti, International Center certified ISO9001 Quality Standards, It offers a weight loss treatment called Weight Management, based on education, changing habits, physical activity and personalized eating plan. For more information visit

Ing. Miguel C. Cane

General Manager

La Posada del Qenti


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