We are pleased to support this initiative and communicate important, for growth and professionalization of the sector Aesthetic Medicine, that is currently being developed at the University XXI Century, in the city of Cordoba, Argentina.

Given the global market trends of aesthetics and the need to professionalize the sector, both the utilization of devices to the incorporation of new protocols therapies for aesthetic treatments, Company Fitness, strategic partner La Posada del Qenti, This diploma has formed with the aim of training medical professionals with capacity to diagnose, investigate, plani?car, formalize, treat, prevent, promote and maintain the beauty and health of patients, vindicating the Aesthetic Medicine, como a serious discipline, safe and feasible. This time, our professionals recognized, have been invited to be speakers of the module classes Nutrition.

For this reason we want to extend our thanks to Fitness and to college XXI Century, for trusting our firm, to carry out this important task.

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