Today in much of the world on World Heart Day. This day is specially created by the world health organization to remember the importance of take care of our heart and control the progress of cardiovascular disease.

In this respect the WHO recognizes the following: "Cardiovascular diseases (such as myocardial infarction and stroke) are the deadliest in the world, information pills not in vain charge 17, web 3 million lives a year. The activities organized each 29 September, World Heart Day, is intended that the general public know better methods to minimize risk factors, eg keep exercising regularly controlled and body weight. "

As we see, cardiovascular disease is increasingly prevalent in the population due to increased risk factors. That is why through this medium we share a "Decalogue Healthy Heart":

  • Making a balanced diet, balanced and "low salt": A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, vegetables and cereals is essential for our body. Besides fish consumption, olive oil, lean meats and low-fat dairy conform the ideal complement. Much of this and prune: salt, Alcohol sugars and help your heart stay healthy and glasses.
  • Regular physical activity: No matter what type of activity perform, long as we maintain the behavior regularly performed by. Spend only 30 min of activity a day brings great benefits. Getting around is health!
  • Weight Control: We seek to achieve our ideal weight (which is that we can maintain a state of health, and not the "ideal" weight tables). Each kilo of more increases the risk of cardiovascular disease among other factors.
  • Control of body fat and abdominal: Today we know that body fat is equally or perhaps more damaging to the heart than the same weight, particularly if they are located at the abdomen (called visceral grease). A waist circumference greater, more direct risk. Limit: the woman should be below 88 cm in men and below 94 cm.
  • No smoking: one cigarette can keep your arteries "semi incurred during almost 4 hs”, This directly increases the cardiac work. If we add to this the decrease in oxygen transport and the amount of waste and toxic products (many carcinogenic) which contains the combination is deadly.
  • Control of blood pressure: Arterial Hypertension (increase the internal pressure of the arteries and vessels) are a major factor of cardiovascular damage, and yet it is one of the easiest diseases to diagnose. Just enough to an electrical voltage. The numbers should always be below 140/90 mmHg at rest. Regular medical control can not only diagnose, You can also efficiently control this problem.
  • Control Cholesterol and Glucose figures: The Dislipemia (altering the values ​​of cholesterol and other fats above normal), altered fasting glucose and Diabetes (high numbers of abnormal blood sugar); become, with hypertension and overweight, to be the factors most commonly associated cardiovascular risk and harmful and controlled only by an analysis. Fasting cholesterol should be below 200 mg / dl and blood sugar should be less than 110 mg / dl.
  • Stress Control, Anxiety and Depression: given the clear association of these diseases with cardiovascular problems, we must try not only detect it early, but you will also launch the form of treatments known. Smile and your heart will be healthier.
  • Sleeping Well: from the medical point of view, at least we sleep 6 hs fluently, uninterrupted to consider a "good" sleep. Also, In most cases, the ideal is given by 8 hours of good rest.
  • Sorted Wear a Life: If we add all of the above, and order our daily activities in a healthy way, devoting enough time to sleep, work and recreation. Maintain schedules ordered main meals and "take it all in stride" our heart is surely healthy and thankful.


Dr. Christian Leiva

Medical Center Director

La Posada del Qenti