The 21 March and autumn officially begins, price are rigged with decreasing temperature, sudden changes in it and considerable changes in the temperature range. All this favors the pathological conditions of the respiratory tree, from a "common cold" to penumonias.

However, because of their importance in the media, in recent years the main news is the FLU.

The disease, often confused with the cold as they share some symptoms, is well defined. It is a disease caused by influenza virus and mainly affects airways. The first and main symptom is a high fever (Lobby 39 º y 41 º C).

Other common symptoms include:

  • Eye pain and body
  • Chills
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Decay (often extreme and prolonged)
  • Tos seca
  • Rinorrea (clear and watery), sneezing and sore throat
  • The flu can worsen asthma, respiratory problems and other long-term illnesses.

From 2011 influenza vaccine was incorporated into the National Immunization Schedule.

This annual vaccination is provided free of charge in public hospitals and health centers across the country to the population at risk:

  • All health workers
  • All pregnant women, at any time during pregnancy.
  • All women have smaller babies 6 months.
  • All children between 6 months 24 meses inclusive.
  • Children and adults between 2 and 64 years with chronic diseases(respiratory, heart, renal, diabetes, Morbid obesity), prescription.
  • Age 65 years old.

This vaccine prevents influenza A (H1N1) and two other flu strains that circulated last year (A H3N2 y B).

The optimum time to begin vaccination is mid-MARCH, although it may extend throughout the fall and even the winter come.

Dr. Christian Leiva

Director of the Medical Center

La Posada del Qenti and Medical Qenti

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