1 – Abandon restrictive diets: Chronic dieting behavior, fails, because over all your life or much of it going hungry, your metabolism will enable savings mechanisms, one of them may be activation "thrifty gene", and this phenotype can lead to overweight or obese. What would be very difficult to drop weight.

2 – Choose foods thoroughly: Start gradually replace food "fast food", with empty calories, excess sodium and sugars, for healthy and nutritious food. Reduce and try to eliminate portions pecking, starting for healthy change things (for ex. Dry fruits, dairy).

3 – We identify I have to get fat: Weight gain may be related to episodes of stress, prostrating diseases, or pictures of depression. A good strategy is to visualize how long change our metabolism, to mediate on neurotransmitters such as endorphins and norepinephrine that rise and create a vicious cycle in the body.

4 – Caring digestion: We must keep in mind that there are brain receptors appetite and different types of hunger, for what serves us much therapy "mindfulness", to focus on what we are doing and eating conscious, recognizing odors, colors, flavors, chewing well and slow to meet the first step of digestion, together with saliva, swallowing food easier to digest for the stomach, liver, bladder and pancreas, who prepare the cud for our intestines, thus preventing the presentation of multiple digestive pathologies. always keeping the four daily meals.

5 – Reduce anxiety: Cortisol is a hormone related to stress and also with weight gain. That must be controlled. Fundamental physical activity, besides releasing endorphins (hormone that gives us pleasure), decrease fat tissue, increasing lean mass.

6 – staying hydrated: Fat tissue retains water and toxins. Hence you need to consume plenty of water, fruits and vegetables that help us to eliminate body waste. We keep the skin without drying and for now fewer wrinkles.

7 – Always be on the move: The logic negation want to perform activity is associated with body weight does not allow us to move placidly, the increased blood flow to digestion with copious intake flow will take us muscle and thereby lactic acid, need to move, our brain will also have less blood flow and it take us to get drowsy instead of phosphorus that actuates.

8 – Enjoy and socialize: Learn to enjoy food and moments we spend it going to satiate faster, because our stomach will not continue to receive stimuli intake. The fact is that we can entertain sociabilizar, distracted by entertaining dialogues, have fun and not be so outstanding food. It can also lead you to have more physical movements that if we ate alone.

9 – Do not give up hours of rest and relaxation: Restful sleep, (wake up rested), It helps the body to consume the necessary calories. In addition reactivate brain function better.

10 – This plan long term: We should never have high expectations of wanting to lose weight fast and far. It should be performed any strategy to learn to eat, create both eating habits and physical and recreational activities. And most importantly get long goals, think that to lose one kilogram per month steadily head down twelve kilos in one year, a significant number in the case of weight. Fully confident that doing it this way would not raise the eternal suffering of the restrictive diets rebounds.

Pull. Gabriela A. Tortolo – MP. 24052

Medical Clinic - Specialist in Obesity and SDRE. Metabolic

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