The body demands rest we often. He's so smart that tells us our body through very obvious symptoms that something is not right. Los warnings are clear: lack of sleep, order circles, nervousness, resting needing more sleep less, with humor, indigestion, lack of concentration, increased anxiety, frequent work errors, reluctance and sadness. Illuminated signs are that our bodies and our minds put us ahead so we know we need a rest.

We've gone through periods of high demand and literally, our body and mind are at the limit. Aware of our state we have to consider the possibility to rest. We can hardly get away from the routine, but it is not an option, is a necessity, our body sends, want to relax.

This is where different alternatives appear to meet this need: adventure tourism in a country with mountain, mar the nieve; Cultural tourism in Europe in a country with a history, health tourism , rural tourism in some stay away , or else chosen from all: excesses tourism.

“Excesses tourism comprises subjecting a person to different physical and emotional stimuli breaking the boundaries of a balanced healthy life.”


We are determined to take our hypothetical break for example on some beach in the Caribbean. Begin the journey when we realize that the departure time of the aircraft is sometimes at dawn and we must be at the airport at least 3 hours before. It's a long night after a busy day packing and paperwork, if lucky with passports and visas. Then, migration in the airport sector, submit our tired body and stressed mind to an evaluation process in which not know whether or not we get out of the country until the plane does not take off, with us in. In destination joins the baggage handling (hopefully not lost), Customs and immigration. We arrived expectant and anxious, without having slept or eaten properly. Not long to go, only a bus that will take a few hours to take us from the airport to hotel.

Finally at the hotel, having lost a day for the trip, we indulge in culinary delicacies Glittering for its variety. Great food trays permanently remain hot on the buffet we expect the 24 hour. The limit can ingest food that is given by the volume of our stomach when we force the maximum just to try all entries, All hot dishes and desserts all at the same time, as it ever fues, our last meal. With respect to beverages with those dyes preponderate, mixed with alcohol are often the most delicious, well not the healthiest; sodas and artificial juices.


Once inflated which piñata at a birthday, went out to enjoy the day and walked slowly toward the beach until you find a recliner that will sustain our tired body, stressed and bloated now. As the sun gives us full metabolic function in crisis and harmful ultraviolet rays dry out our skin; becomes evident when were red as a tomato and when to use painkillers to ease the pain of our body burned.

Studies show that much of tourists excesses, conclude your holiday with gastrointestinal problems, impaired liver functions , metabolic and renal, low defenses in the immune system, dry skin and burned and of course several kilos of excess product of poor diet and sedentary.

Finally undertake around. Checkout del hotel, trip to the airport, migration, air travel and return to repeat the cycle in our country, immigration, customs and transfers to our home.

Our holiday excesses refunded perhaps more tired and stressed at first, a very poor body and mind a little confused.

What part of our body does not listen? What part did not understand?