Golf de 18 holes

Now you can play golf while enjoying your stay in La Posada del Qenti. Carlos Paz Golf is a golf 18 holes next to our property which is accessed by an internal road.

This new golf course, diagnosis has been designed and built, under the general direction of the Engineer Eduardo Roitman, by implementing an integrated irrigation system generation mark "Bull" for 33 hectares of game, greens constructed according to latest standards, aerated fairways plowed and sprayed to achieve optimal development of pastures, cross bunkers and bunkers that match the characteristics of the field, with signage and equipment according to a field edge, creek crossing bridges, new machinery maintenance and other elements that can be enjoyed on the playing field and make the golf offer excellence presented by 18 Travel holes.


Carlos Paz Golf is much more than golf, is a response to a new lifestyle, where respect for the environment, assessment to the most important things, the healthier lifestyle and contact with nature are in the foreground.

La Posada del Qenti - score table 2012


La Posada del Qenti andCarlos Paz Golf are linked through a unique internal path as shown on the map below:

See La Posada del Qenti – Golf Carlos Paz in a larger map

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