Gym & Fitness

Outdoor Activities

  • Walks: 2 walks of varying intensity in the mornings. Each guest is first evaluated by the clinician who indicates the intensity of the walk to be taken.
  • Health Circuit: this is a low-intensity, low-duration walk around the complex.
  • Taichi and Meditation
  • Tennis lessons: we have a tennis teacher for those who want to practice or learn from scratch.
  • Golf lessons: 5 minutes away is Carlos Paz Golf, with an 18-hole golf course with free access for our guests.
  • Mountainbike: mountain bikes are available for free use.

Indoor Activities

  • Physical-therapeutic activities: These are carried out under the guidance of a professional in the area, after a physical evaluation by the physiotherapist, who indicates the specific exercises to work on, according to each pathology.
  • Physical-therapeutic activities in the swimming pool: work is done in this environment with people who cannot make any kind of impact or greater efforts, thus further protecting the joints and the body in general.
  • Basic Training: according to medical prescription, a routine of aerobic exercises and muscle strengthening in general is put together.
  • Individual Training: aerobic and muscle toning exercises are worked on in general according to physical condition.
  • Individual Spherodynamics Class
  • Aquagym: aerobic and muscle toning exercises are combined with stretching and relaxation exercises at the end of the class.
  • Swimming Lessons

Our gym, besides having modern equipment and a privileged landscape, has a team of physical education teachers and physiotherapists who will advise you in each activity. The activities can be carried out inside the gymnasium using the equipment provided or outdoors enjoying the magnificent natural environment in which La Posada is located.

*Prof. Javier Avalos

Physical Education Area Coordinator, La Posada del Qenti

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