In the Hydrotherapy area, a series of indoor and outdoor spaces are interconnected, which combine water, temperature, oxygen and other essential factors in a variable and strategic way to benefit and improve the quality of life of the guests.

Spaces of the Hydrotherapy Circuit


Relaxation areas

Video and Music Therapy


Hot Water Whirlpool

Natural Water Whirlpool

The Sauna

Steam Bath

Scottish showers

A relaxing and therapeutic space with permanent coordination and attention.

Mode of implementation

It is important to fully enjoy the Qenti Medical Spa services with tranquility and without stress, to comply with the stipulated times and to give yourself fully to discover unforgettable sensations. Consequently, and in order to guarantee their effectiveness, certain protocols assigned by the assisting personnel will be followed, and their indications, those of the Qenti professionals, as well as those on the information board, will be heeded at all times.

Due to the characteristics of the relaxation areas and their objectives, guests are required to remain silent and the use of cell phones is strictly prohibited. The talk itself should be limited as it radically alters and modifies breathing and relaxation, substantial aspects to optimize results.

It is very important to highlight that the water used in the medical spa is pure water, very rich in minerals (such as iron, calcium and magnesium, among others), completely free of chlorine and chemical disinfectants, which provides invaluable benefits.

Benefits of hydrotherapy for your health


      • Stress and worries at work
      • Rheumatic pains that are not in acute phase.
      • Improved blood circulation
      • Improved night’s rest (services should be taken at least 3 hours before bedtime).
      • Improvement of efforts and overloads, small muscle injuries, contractures, myofibrosis, spinal pain, lumbago and dorsalgia.
      • Improves overall muscular condition.
      • Improves the respiratory system (pharyngitis and bronchitis) especially for smokers, ex-smokers, and people with expectoration problems.
      • Bronchial asthma.
      • Improvement of menopausal disorders.
      • Under the control and indication of the Medical Center, they can be applied to post-infarction patients in the reeducation phase and to asymptomatic coronary pathologies.
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