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Biological revitalization treatment

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Biological Revitalization Treatment

Personalized medical program aimed at delaying the symptoms of aging.

Duration: 7 days

What does this Rejuvenation Plan include?

  • Clinical medical evaluation and control.
  • Electroporation sessions.
  • Set of 2 revitalizing bottles.
  • Revitalizing Ampoules.
  • Nutritional and physical assessment, adaptation and personalization.
  • Integral postural and esthetic evaluation.
  • Physiotherapeutic evaluation.
  • Laboratory tests (consult coverage by social security).
  • Reading and interpretation of previous medical studies.
  • Massages and practices to be defined.
  • Inbody body composition study.
  • Diagnosis by 3D body scanner.
  • Individual classes in gymnasium.
  • Clinical, nutritional and pneumonological follow-up during the stay.
  • Healthy and natural food oriented to detoxification.
  • Group activities (walks, water gymnastics, yoga, meditation, health workshops, etc.).
  • Free natural infusions throughout the experience.

It also includes:

  • Workshops on revitalization, healthy eating, stress, metabolism and physical activity.
  • Therapeutic hydrotherapy circuit.
  • Relaxation activities such as yoga, meditation, aqua yoga, marmatherapy.
  • Group physical activities: aquagym, mountain walks, stability, balance and flexibility classes.
  • Outdoor activities: horseback riding, tennis, basketball, golf, mountain biking, etc.
  • Organic Amenities in the room.


What do the Revita bottles contain?

Bio-peptides or peptones are natural nutrients that provide a very high concentration of fundamental substances for cellular repair and allow each peptone to reach the particular organ for which it was developed. The action of peptones contributes to slow down, reverse and stop the manifestations of organic wear and tear. They protect and restore the organism, acting on all damaged biological functions. In addition, they help to stimulate the immune system and are an excellent adjuvant in chronic diseases.

It has no contraindications, side effects or intolerances of any kind.

Comfortable rooms

Program leaders

Dr. Christian Leiva

Dr. Christian Leiva

Medical Director

MP. 31.209/1

Dr. Silvia Segado

Dr. Silvia Segado

Clinic and Aesthetics

MP. 34731/0

Marcela Zobele

Marcela Zobele

Kinesiology and Physiotherapy

MP. 2356

Yanina Silvestri

Yanina Silvestri


MP. 7614



of the guests improve their health, in some cases with a greater than 50% improvement in their general condition upon admission.


Of the hosts improves their blood glucose levels


This is the average effectiveness rate of all the health treatments we perform at La Posada.


Lo De LaTia Ali Avatar
Lo De LaTia Ali

experiencia inolvidable, cuerpo médico exelente, grupo terapéutico genial, hoteleria buenísima, atención al cliente afables y cordiales, resto muy muybueno -

Isabel Geronazzo Avatar
Isabel Geronazzo

positive review  Lugar de descanso , y cuidado de la salud , física y mental -

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