We have been providing medical treatments for 25 years through pleasurable experiences that change people’s lives, making them healthier so they can live longer and enjoy life much more.

We invite you to take a look at our history…




he mystique and philosophy of La Posada del Qenti began to take shape 20 years ago, and from it the different health programs we offer today were designed. There were four important health professionals who strongly inspired those who today are part of La Posada del Qenti Medical Center.

Thanks to their contributions, values and teachings, today our health treatments are the most effective in our country. We are referring to Dr. René Favaloro, Dr. Jorge Barguinsky, Dr. Elena Victoria Cané and Prof. Jorge Brisco.

Dr. Jorge Braguinsky, an eminent medical nutritionist, organized several congresses and nutrition courses at the Posada del Qenti and chose it for many of his breaks. His main legacy was the concept that “the quality of calories is much more important than their quantity”.

Professor Jorge Brisco, former mister mundo and founder of an important gym in Buenos Aires, has been a fundamental piece in the formation of the physical education area and advised on equipment and technological infrastructure.

Dr. Elena Victoria Cané, a prestigious psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, designed together with the medical team the different health programs, always emphasizing the importance that each treatment should be totally personalized and always taking into account the emotional and psychological aspect of the person.

With the contribution and training of these important professionals, the medical team of La Posada del Qenti was integrated, formed and consolidated. Enriched in recent years with the contribution of more than 50 professionals from different disciplines from the Qenti Medical clinic located in Villa Carlos Paz.

This shows the importance of a great medical team that not only works interdisciplinary but multidisciplinary so that the health plans are efficient, reliable and with lasting results. This team today is led by Dr. Christian Leiva, a clinician specialized in wellness health programs, biological rejuvenation and programs for the third and fourth age.


“Excellent, highly recommended

We went with a friend. In my case, I was looking for a healthy diet for weight loss and to relax and escape from the stresses of everyday life. The level of professionalism and warmth we encountered is noteworthy. Organization in each of the services offered. They are creative and the feeling of having interesting alternatives with a very well thought out but unpressured diagram is relaxing. The food, also exquisite and varied…

Source: tripadvisor.com

“We cannot stop the passage of time, but we can stop our passage in time.”

Dr. Victoria Cané – Psychiatrist

1997 – 2001


uring this period, La Posada began to grow; it began to take the shape it has today with the construction of various spaces and at the same time consolidated as the first certified spa in Argentina, where it began to receive passengers from all over the world, becoming the healthy refuge of businessmen, artists, politicians and guests who discovered in La Posada del Qenti the ideal amalgam between comfort, nature and good habits of healthy living.

It is precisely at this stage, where La Posada del Qenti becomes the first medical institution in our country to design comprehensive health plans based on an exquisite personalized healthy cuisine, appropriate physical activity with personal trainer, stress control with different practices and limiting the consumption of drugs. In this way, the immune system and metabolic function can be balanced and revitalized, also through the acquisition of good lifestyle habits, thus becoming a sort of “school of healthy living”.

As it gained notoriety in the market, in addition to adding national and international experience, professionalism and prestige, the Posada del Qenti was considered a 5-star Wellness institution. The training, professionalism and suitability of its health team throughout its trajectory, impregnated with important values and concepts of our renowned Dr. René Favaloro, taught since its foundation, such as preventive medicine and the individualization of the different risk factors that affect people’s health.




We were there before the holidays and we had a wonderful time, we came back with our batteries recharged to start the year in full, the truth is that as soon as we can and we have some free time we will not hesitate to come back, everything is first class, the people who work there, the facilities, everything is highly recommended.

Source: tripadvisor.com

“It is much more important the quality of the calories we consume, rather than the quantity of calories.”

Dr. Jorge Braguinsky – Medical Nutritionist



he Inn continues with an exponential growth, having passed a deep crisis in the country, domestic tourism is reactivated and the Inn is positioned as a reference of health tourism and synonymous of status, good taste and prestige, attracting visitors belonging to the highest segment of Argentina, at the same time, it begins to seduce international tourism, favored by the emerging economic situation of the time. This expansion was also reflected in the Pousada’s infrastructure, which increased its capacity by 40% with the construction of the Terraces Wing and the Balcony Wing,

whose rooms are of a higher category and comfort than those of the Sierras Wing. In addition, an outdoor swimming pool with 5 waterfalls and an indoor heated swimming pool were inaugurated, both of which will expand the number of services and their quality in terms of recreational activities. The renovations also included the gymnasium, which tripled in size and incorporated new equipment for guests’ physical activity routines. It should also be noted that to the already classic Restaurant, a semi-covered terrace with a stunning view of the sierras was added for the delight of diners.


“Wonderful stay

I visited the Qenti a few years ago ….. I traveled alone and it was a pleasure and an enriching experience. Just by going alone, I found that many others did too, and there, sharing the walks, rides, meals and facilities was extremely rewarding…. I recommend it without doubts

Source: tripadvisor.com

“In every medical act, respect for the patient and ethical and moral concepts must be present; then science and conscience will always be on the side of humanity.”

Dr. René Favaloro – Cardiologist Physician

Our first 10 years are here

n February 2006, the Posada celebrated its first 10 years with a party called QENTI, the night of the 10, which was held for 10 continuous hours of celebration, making it the most important event in Córdoba that year. Among the 450 guests were national, provincial, municipal and communal authorities, businessmen, artists, and different personalities of our country, who enjoyed an exquisite gourmet gastronomy, participated in various raffles and surprises everywhere that made the event an unforgettable party with fireworks, three stages, and the inauguration of an emblematic work of art: El Colibrí.

The celebration featured important artistic figures such as Jorge Rojas, Leo García, Casablanca, Deborah Dixon (Blacanblus), dance, synchronized swimming and many surprise guests. The event was conducted by Maby Wells, Cecilia Laratro and Chiche Almozny. During the event, among other things, QENTI plaques were presented in recognition of institutions, companies and individuals who have collaborated permanently, as well as other distinctions to those who have supported and accompanied the growth of La Posada.

“We are proud of our achievements, but every day we work to renew ourselves in order to provide more and better services.”

Eng. Miguel Cané – General Manager

2007 – 2012

or some time now, the Posada del Qenti has been a national reference in health tourism, beginning a stage of consolidation and differentiation with the creation of the foundation Querer Vivir Mejor (QeViMe), whose objective is the research, study, dissemination, development and promotion of medical, para-medical and alternative resources with scientific connotation, aimed at improving human life, preventing aging, maintaining and recovering health and generally improving the quality of life of people.
Among the actions carried out by the foundation to fulfill its mission in Villa Carlos Paz is Qenti Medical, a medical specialty center with more than 40 specialties that complement and enrich the services provided at the Posada. During these years, the hydrotherapy area was completely modernized by redistributing the spaces and adding new equipment of modern design, including a modern whirlpool with the latest technology.
New changing rooms, toilets, showers, wet sauna bathrooms with a view of the sierras and a starlit ceiling were added. In addition, a Vichy shower and a relaxation room with aromatherapy and music therapy were added. The construction of a multi-purpose hall was also completed, which allowed us to improve our facilities in order to reach the corporate market.

In order to give a value upgrade to successful healthcare treatments, the Qenti Clinic Data, an innovative personal portable medical data storage device designed for healthcare, was created. It collects personal medical data endorsed by the professional staff of La Posada del Qenti. This device is delivered together with the printed medical record with a personal and confidential access key to the Internet. The objective of the QCD is to provide people with greater security by carrying all the necessary medical information to face any emergency and to be able to report important information about the patient’s state of health in medical inter-consultations.

15 years adding services

In 2011 La Posada del Qenti achieved national and international recognition as a Health Tourism center, a background on which it based the celebrations to celebrate 15 years of life. “We are proud of our achievements, but every day we work for more, to renew ourselves, to improve in order to provide better things,” said our general director, Eng. Miguel Cané, in an article published by the prestigious newspaper La Voz del Interior.

Already positioned as a haven for healthy living in the heart of the Punilla Valley, on the road to Icho Cruz, Qenti offers programs to take care of health and delay the symptoms of aging. “We are working with the business chambers and the government to add services and make health tourism grow. Here we are in the middle of a natural spa, Cordoba has everything to be the national capital of health,” says Cané.

In this context, the Posada was preparing the launching of new programs aimed at what is known as the fourth age, a trend arising from the worldwide increase in the average life expectancy of people.

“We needed to convey the idea that taking care of your health should be a pleasurable experience.”

Eng. Miguel C. Cané – General Manager

2013 -2016


he beginning of a stage marked by the expansion of frontiers, in the search for the prestige achieved in all these years of trajectory, aiming at international markets in the USA, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, with agreements with different medical providers, accompanied by multiple communication actions oriented to these countries. It is important to highlight the contribution of our general manager, Eng. Miguel Cané carried out from his role as president of the Argentine Chamber of

Medical Tourism, realizing in 2015 the first International Congress of Medical Tourism in our country, with the aim of opening paths to the growing sector of travel for healthy reasons, training providers and shaping the basis of a future regulation of the activity. For all these reasons, La Posada del Qenti has reached its 20th anniversary with a consolidated image in most of the Mercosur and setting the pace of a flourishing medical tourism industry.

In terms of infrastructure, during this period we added the equestrian club La Querencia del Qenti, which allowed us to add equine therapy to our activities available to our guests, and the agreement with Carlos Paz Golf, with which we added the possibility of accessing an 18-hole golf course, thus further increasing the degree of satisfaction of our guests.

At an institutional level, our foundation “Querer Vivir Mejor” (QeViMe), achieved social and municipal recognition as an entity that truly cares about achieving a healthier society, through activities coordinated with the prevention secretariat of the municipality of Villa Carlos Paz.

“Proactive medicine seeks not only to prevent disease, but to lead people to reach the maximum of their capabilities.”

Dr. Christian Leiva – Medical Director

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