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General Results

La Posada del Qenti was the 1st Resort Spa & Medical Revitalization Center approved in Argentina, today the only Medical Wellness Center in the country, highlighted of Provincial Tourist Interest in Cordoba, and particularly recommended in the program for smokers, by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

Our health plans are carried out by a team of clinicians, obesologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, sports cardiologists, psychologists, physical trainers and estheticians who combine individual and adapted physical activity, personalized nutrition, esthetic practices, relaxation and medical control throughout the treatment, enhancing short-, medium- and long-term resultsThe program is designed to promote good lifestyle habits, balance metabolic function and revitalize the immune system.

All our stays allow our guests to obtain, at a minimum, these results:


of the guests improve their health, in some cases with a greater than 50% improvement in their general condition upon admission.


Of the hosts improves their blood glucose levels


This is the average effectiveness rate of all the health treatments we perform at La Posada.

Results of plans to reduce pathological stress

These are some of the most noticeable results that you can experience during and at the end of your stay at La Posada with our Qenti Star and Qenti Star Premium plans oriented to reduce stress.


Improves the quality of sleep and rest


Regulates or improves blood pressure


Improves blood circulation

Weight loss plan results

At a scientific level, we have verified, using the Health Potential Index®, the following results in all those who participated in the Qenti Star or Qenti Star Premium weight loss plan.

  • Lose weight and regain muscle mass 95% 95%
  • Incorporates new knowledge about eating behavior 80% 80%
  • Decreases waist circumference 70% 70%
  • Improves the digestive process 60% 60%

Effectiveness of the smoking cessation plan

Our team of medical professionals in this area have developed an anti-smoking Qentistar Plan contemplating several aspects to achieve the cessation of smoking and its sustainability over time.


Cessation or reduction of cigarette habit

9 out of 10 people leave La Posada without smoking or reducing the number of cigarettes per day after a 7-day stay in the anti-smoking plan.

Verifiable results through studies

These are some of the most noticeable results that you will be able to verify with a simple blood test at the end of your stay at La Posada.


Less carbon monoxide in blood


Of decrease in fasting insulin levels


Of decrease in blood lipid levels after 3 weeks of stay

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