Did you know that to reach old age in good physical and mental condition we have to start looking after the thirty years since?, this site diverse experts agree this theory to reaffirm the need to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Nowadays, daily intake of polyunsaturated fatty foods and industrial origin become one of the main enemies of our health, since its high in refined sugars and fats increase caloric retained in our body.

Obesity, in this sense, is one of the main causes of many different diseases that we suffer in the medium to long term if we do not act in time and adopt a much healthier life, combating sedentary lifestyle and incorporating healthier foods into our daily diet.

As you can see, sport and food are two of the fundamental keys to achieve a healthier lifestyle. These two pillars have to add a third, that often goes unnoticed: decidar is part of our leisure time and disconnect from our daily problems and concerns that do , something else, that increase our stress levels, another cause of many different conditions that will jeopardize our health.

In this sense, relaxation exercises, classes on meditation, simply, the mere fact of going to a natural and merge with the tranquility and peace that Mother Earth gives us is something particularly comforting for our body and spirit.

Thus, when we get to the Elderly, as confirmed by many different medical experts about, we find in a healthier living.


Source: www.cosasdesalud.es

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