The current trend is to eat healthy and low-calorie products. Within this kind of products include sweeteners which, often, have a strong and unpleasant taste. Recently, It has begun to implement stevia as a natural sweetener, product is produced from a shrub of the family of native chrysanthemums northern Paraguay and southern Brazil and today its cultivation has spread throughout Asia.


This plant is very rich in phytonutrients, volatile oils, minerals, vitamins protein and fiber. Now, in countries where it is produced it is consumed by several million people.

Sweeter than sugar

The leaves of this plant is rich in small glycosides, called stevioside, these substances contain between 150 and 300 times more sweetening power than sugar, for it sweetens in small portions without calorías.Se conducted trials in carbonated soft to measure the power of calories and sugar with stevia, the results showed that soda sweetened with stevia have 99% fewer calories with the same flavor.

This substance has the property to enhance the flavors, It is soluble in both cold and hot which makes it suitable for use in beverages (and mocktails), juice, chocolates, powders for dilution and as a tabletop sweetener. Also it has high temperature stability so you can add baking and pastry in general panificaciones. Turn, It supports acidic media and has no fermentative properties, providing longer life to dairy products such as yogurt, chocolatadas milk and ice cream.

A benefit for your health

Besides being a natural product, It is highly recommended for low-calorie diets, diabetics and it can also be consumed by children, highlighting its antacid and antibacterial properties, unlike other sweeteners that cause heartburn if they are consumed in quantity or in the presence of gastric pathologies.

This product is approved for consumption by WHO and FAO, registered with the Argentine Food Code, Recommended by aid associations and national bodies such as diabetic INTI and INTA. It is found in crystal form, drops as a fine yerba, which can be mixed with our yerba mate without using white sugar.

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