Background and Origins

Ago 19 years began to take shape mysticism and philosophy La Posada del Qenti and from the same individual were designed health programs we offer today.
There were four major health professionals who strongly inspired now part of the Medical Center of La Posada del Qenti. Thanks to their contributions, values ​​and teachings, today our Health Treatments, are most effective in our country. It is to them that we offer our homage always:

Dr. Rene Favaloro ( 1923/2000)

Renowned Educator and Surgeon, world renowned for being who performed the first heart bypass in the world. It was an immense prestige professional, with unprecedented humility. In one of many academic events in USA, is presented simply as a good man who is still a country doctor; July his posthumous letter 2000 must be read and provide permanent tribute. As an educator who was, disease prevention through healthy habits, and identify risk factors, hypertension including, heart disorders, diabetes 2, etc.. to improve the quality of life, are very strongly teachings were printed on our professional philosophy.

Dr. Jorge Braguinsky (1920/ 2010)

A teacher of medicine and first class reference on the subject of obesity in Argentina and Latin America. It was one of the figures in the world called for his long and outstanding work in this field. He led the Specialization in Nutrition Obesity guidance Favaloro University and was Co-Director of the School Nutrition Specialist at the School of Medicine, National University of Tucumán, holding posts of prestigious international associations abroad, IASO including (International Association for the Study of Obesidad). Conducted extensive experience in the treatment of Anorexia and Bulimia. Known and personal friend of our CEO, Cordoba organized the Obesity Conference in La Posada del Qenti, in November 2006, with leading experts from around the country and the sponsorship of Nutritionists Association of the Province. De Cordoba. It was one of the Educators for excellence that took our country, always teaching training themselves and those who shared his philosophy, fortunately away from the TV media forums, where unfortunately everything is contaminated with mercenary. It was during his last years one of the coordinators of medical doctors CON-programmed extensions Qenti.

Pull. Elena Victoria Cane (born 6 June 1956)

Psychiatrist and Medical Piscoanalítica, studious and academic, member colleges and professional institutions including their specialty Psychoanalyst Association of Cordoba, one of the most prestigious environmental professionals. Founder Sister our CEO, was the great inspiring and activating to design the various health plans of La Posada del Qenti, was who helped select and train in the early , to various professionals in the medical equipment, helping and overseeing the development of programs. It's who put special emphasis on the importance of nutrition and physical activity in those affected by stress and other psychological disorders are very common today in the society we live, conditions that should not necessarily be treated exclusively with psychotropics, whose heavy drinking and prolonged, significant collateral damage occurs indirectly through the body.

Profesor Jorge Brisco (1940/ 2010)

Great Argentine athlete and winner of IFBB Mr Worldwide 1964. Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan) and Charles Atlas were his and he admired and inspiring it was for us in La Posada del Qenti. He was a great friend with his beautiful family of our CEO and he was the one who designed our GYM and taught us the importance of physical activity appropriate for each person, Gym both, like out door activities as hiking traveling in our beloved beautiful places our natural land Punilla Valley. Actively participate in our tennis clinics. Also a passionate and Golf Lover, Posada to prepare our eminent golfers like to “cat”Romero and “duck”Cabrera. We also gave professional advice when they were professional athletes as Diego Armando Maradona Year 1998. Permanently trained our team of physical activity, who accompany guests in the various activities carried out in the GYM, pools and the out door; blessed the place as George always said “ozone production by local natural, the most effective natural bactericide, especially for respiratory” (before resorting asthmatic like Che Guevara and tuberculosis Cba this area, when there were no antibiotics) In addition to being an excellent professional, was a great friend to all of us in La Posada del Qenti, his good humor, joy and zest for life , always remain imprinted in our memories.


Years ago an ambitious venture was inaugurated in Sierras de Cordoba, bad precisely en Icho Cruz. A Posada colonial architecture and white as a dove of peace was erected in the green hills of the Valley of Punilla. So, the First Spa Certified in Argentina, began receiving passengers worldwide, becoming the healthy shelter entrepreneurs, artists, Guests political and discovered at La Posada del Qenti perfect amalgam of comfort, nature and healthy lifestyle habits.

With a mission to extend the life minimizing the impact of the years in people, La Posada del Qenti design health plans tailored to help your guests to live longer and better. Combining biological rejuvenation therapies customized, detox diets and adequate physical activity, the Qenti became an obligatory stop for those who want to fully enjoy life.

With the scientific and practical contribution of professionals in your prestigious Medical Center was able to break the paradigm of the diet, making their guests reach their ideal weight doing enjoyable physical activity and enjoying delicious and abundant meals. Unlike calorie or restrictive diets, La Posada del Qenti got the weight loss process is more than pleasant and lasting results, as well as good results carried, guests who visit enjoy exclusive holidays in a province of immense natural beauty, cultural and scenic.

Today La Posada del Qenti Medical Spa & Resort plus health plans provides the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful and complete complex, with the golf course to 18 holes, tennis court, heated, gym, Restaurant health, equestrian club and more than 40 rooms surrounded by mountains and immersed in the purest air in the province of Córdoba.

La Posada del Qenti is First Health Tourism Complex approved in the province of Cordoba and has become a leader nationally and internationally for the results of their programs.

Throughout their 18 years old La Posada del Qenti won the following awards:

  • Re-elected on Best Spa in Argentina
  • Declared Provincial Tourist Interest (by the beauty of the landscape and the professional quality of the services provided)
  • Declared Communal Tourist Interest, Villa Icho Cruz
  • Declared Communal Tourist Interest, in San Antonio de Arredondo
  • Declared Communal Tourist Interest, in Mayu Sumaj
  • Award MERCOSUR Latin American Integration a Brasil
  • Award Traveller’s Choice 2013 by TripAdvisor
  • Award TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013
  • Award TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014
  • Award TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015

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