During this week, dosage in the Posada del Qenti we had the visit of Dr. Jesus Ortiz, nurse CEO of US Orbicare, who visited our country to go made a tour of various health centers in the province to evaluate the proposal and Córdoba, in Medical Tourism, can offer to foreign tourists. , iIn addition to value and quality medical professional to realize the Province, to value,could appreciate and value the beauty and paisajisticapaisajística microclimate privileged account Punilla Valley.

This activity occurs in the context of relations engendered between the Director General of Qenti Group, Eng. Miguel Cane, along with representatives of various health tourism abroad.

While staying at La Posada del Qenti, Dr. Ortiz met with Dr. Christian Leiva, Group Director of the Medical Center Qenti, to assess the details of health programs that are ofreciendoofrece the Group, for those seeking a healthy alternative tourism.


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