Medical tourism is a new branch of tourism highly developed and strongly supported by their governments in countries such as Finland, purchase Costa Rica, medicine Panama, Cuba and recently in Colombia and Argentina.

In our country, this new form of tourism is heavily supported by the National Government through the Ministry of Tourism, Improtur and Foundation Export.

Our province has also taken this issue into their strategies to attract tourists and foreign patients, including the Minister of Health Dr. Oscar Gonzalez, who is driving this important sector.

Orbicare, American company medical tourism facilitator, who is standardizing the different health services offered in La Posada del Qenti Icho Cruz and medical center in Carlos Paz, Medical Qenti (weight management programs, stress, aesthetic body, facial and dental; biological rejuvenation, cardiovascular and neurological rehabilitation, health programs for executives, etc.), was provided on Friday 30 morning, lectured to various health institutions and tourism in our province.

This meeting showed the opportunity for the province of Córdoba to provide health services to American citizens (many of them lack health insurance) and that our province, with professional wealth Cordoba qualified institutions, can occupy a professional and competitive alternative in this market.