La Posada del Qenti is First Health Tourism Complex approved in the province of Cordoba and has become a leader nationally and internationally for the results of their programs.

Throughout their 15 years old La Posada del Qenti won the following awards:

  • Re-elected on Best Spa in Argentina
  • Declared Provincial Tourist Interest (by the beauty of the landscape and the professional quality of the services provided
  • Declared Communal Tourist Interest, adiposity Villa Icho Cruz
  • Declared Communal Tourist Interest, in San Antonio de Arredondo
  • Declared Communal Tourist Interest, in Mayu Sumaj
  • Award MERCOSUR Latin American Integration a Brasil

Above 3.000 people a year eligen mejorar su calidad de vida La Posada del Qenti with a level of satisfaction excellence, as is evidenced in the portal world's largest community Tripadvisor:



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